I think, yes, a man and a woman can be good friends, but it isn’t easy for them being as no one else will suppose that that is what they are. And then there’s the problem of being different sexes. I think if they are good friends, then whatever else they are - or are not - is better.

A.S. Byatt, The Children’s Book (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)

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Armani Privé

"We need to recognize that for some people sex is great and for some sex is horrific and for some it’s on par with folding laundry."



(~Sex Isn’t Always Good by queenieofaces)

This is a critical part of sex positivity that tends to be overlooked. Let’s celebrate empowering amazing sex and the choice to not have sex, or only have certain kinds of sex. 

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Through the Looking Glass: Light as memories, dark as dried up blood on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/44808823/via/Cupcake_zumbie_s2

Women shouldn’t deny their dark side. Sometimes those demons are frightening and sometimes they’re beautiful. You’ll have to approach them. Drink a glass of wine with them, take them for a walk on the beach, examine yourself.

There’s so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself without hoping someone will fall in love with you along the way, and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. You need to fill yourself up with love. Not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own. Go on adventures, fall asleep in the woods with friends, wander around the city at night, sit in a coffee shop on your own, write on bathroom stalls, leave notes in library books, dress up for yourself, give to others, smile a lot. Do all things with love, but don’t romanticize life like you can’t survive without it. Live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t any less beautiful, I promise.

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Gucci at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013
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birdrib - Golden Aura - ink and colored pencil.

birdrib - Attached at the Hip 

We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.

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